Car Donation For Tax Deduction Tips – How You Can Protect Yourself

If you’re thinking about donating your vehicle to charity to get the most effective tax deduction possible there are always a few things to keep in mind. Probably it will go off without a hitch but there is the possibility that you may encounter a few problems across the way. To help you have the most effective car donation experience here are a few used car donation suggestions to keep in mind, whether an excellent car, a classic car, a stack or junk car.

Even pummelled or cars which are not drivable are thought by some donation charities if they could be sold for parts, so don’t eliminate your vehicle if it’s not drivable. Many charities insist the car be drivable or fixable however.

Choose a charity that has a name that you recognize. National charities with local chapters can be a safer bet. Names just like the Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries, Kidney Foundation (there are several) etc. But be careful because there are some charities with similar sounding names.

Remember that many charities hire middlemen called car donation brokers to deal with their donations. At these times, the charity can get merely a small percentage of the ultimate value of the car – used car, truck, RV, boat, airplane, etc. And the Cars Donated┬ábroker can keep the majority of the amount of money from the sale when they sell it.

Once you’ve selected the charity make sure to talk with the charity to see how they financially benefit from the car donations. Is it through resale of the car or will they be providing it to an individual who needs transportation but can’t afford to purchase a car. You may have some feelings about how precisely you need the car to be used. It may also be employed by the charitable organization itself to haul goods, food and people.

Read the charity with the Better Business Bureau in your area. They could involve some records as to any car donation issues.

Make sure the charity is registered with your states’government agency that regulates charities. This can likely not be necessary if it is a nationally recognized charity.

Check to be sure the charity is tax exempt because many smaller charities may not be.

One more thing to check is do they sell the car by themselves car lot or do they hire the car brokers stated earlier to accomplish that.

If your vehicle or the car you want to donate is worth more than $5000 get a professional, written appraisal. It will be your decision to understand the worth of the car.

For your income tax records take several pictures of the car both inside and out and keep copies of Craigslist and classified ads and NADA and Kelley Blue Book guide estimates for vehicles like yours. The IRS publishes publication # 561 and #526 that can help determine the worth of donated cars, trucks, vehicles and other property.

And make sure the title of the car is utilized in the charity by name and keep a copy of it. Contact your state DMV to see what to do with the plates.

Notify your insurance company and the DMV that so long as own the car and other vehicle.

They are just a number of the main suggestions to keep in mind to guard yourself when you’re considering car donation for tax deduction. There are lots of other tips you need to know when you donate an automobile to charity.

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