How To Make BIG Money Teaching Guitar

Main point here: 99% of all guitar teachers neglect to earn a good living or get great results for his or her students. Why? Most of them accept’unhealthy’as their standard for achievement rather than putting out great effort to get the most effective results for his or her students. To become the most successful guitar teacher around, you must NOT get this same mistake!

The good thing is, it’s not as difficult as you think to become the leading guitar teacher in your neighborhood area with students and the most profitable business. The first step to doing this is understanding why many guitar teachers are unsuccessful and learning which steps to take in order to achieve success for yourself.

They’re the five biggest reasons why guitar teachers will never achieve success within their teaching businesses and the details for how’you’can avoid their mistakes to become the leader for guitar instruction in your city:

Why Guitar Teachers Fail, Reason #1: Copying Other Guitar Teachers

When you copy what other guitar teachers are doing, you are very unlikely to ever become highly successful. Listed here is why:

1. The majority of people teaching srv guitar aren’t successful. Therefore, whenever you copy the methods used by these individuals (either marketing or approaches to teaching students), you will only head down the same path of failure.

2. Even whenever you attempt to copy what the more successful guitar teachers locally are doing, you may not know the entire strategy that goes within their efforts – you are only seeing a small percentage of the’tactics’being used. A tactic is one action that’s taken to complete a single objective. Including things like placing ads in the headlines paper, improving the style of your guitar teaching website or putting flyers in different locations around town. In contrast, a’strategy’may be the overarching mental process that connects tactics together in order to achieve numerous medium and long-term goals. A method exists well below the surface of that which you observe and it’s something you’ll be unable to imitate with out a deep knowledge of the inner workings of someone’s business.

3. When you attempt to end up like other teachers in your local area, you are essentially transforming your guitar lessons right into a’commodity'(something that is found anywhere such as a slice of pizza). In other words, your guitar lessons lose any sense to be unique in the eyes of your prospective guitar students while being compared to other local teachers. This puts you in the positioning of trying to reach competitive advantage based on price alone (leading you to trying to become the least expensive teacher around). However, all of the truly committed guitar students usually realize that “you obtain that which you pay for” when it comes to lessons. Consequently, you will begin to build a reputation if you are a mediocre quality guitar teacher and at best will only gain the interest of non-serious musicians who don’t show up to lessons punctually, don’t practice and are late with lesson payments.

What You Need To Do Instead To Become The #1 Guitar Teacher In Your Area:

As opposed to copying individual tactics from other guitar teachers and blindly developing your company, utilize the approach of successful guitar teachers:


  • Work with a trainer to learn how to’teach guitar’and’build an effective guitar teaching business ‘. This is the better way to construct your own unique business strategy while using the most reliable guitar teaching methods to get the most effective results for the students.
  • As opposed to marketing your lessons as’general’guitar lessons, concentrate on ONE musical style to teach and become the leading expert locally for that specific style. This may instantly place you towards the top of anyone’s list who wants to play that style of guitar and will allow you to get the eye of more serious students. In the beginning, this could seem illogical, however, 9 times out of ten, guitar teachers who teach in a certain (but still well-known) musical style niche are far more successful than people who attempt becoming a jack-of-all-trades.
  • When determining the price for the lessons, charge AT LEAST a little bit above average. By charging’more ‘, your students will feel far more motivated to rehearse more often and improve because they’re paying more for his or her lessons. Charging more helps maintain them accountable to themselves because they don’t want to waste all the cash they’re spending.


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