How to Start Planning a European Trip on a Budget

Shopping and Milan go turn in hand. After all, this northern Italian city is where the fashion world holds a number of its most elite designer shows during four different periods every year. Anyone with even probably the most basic knowledge of fashion knows that Milan is hugely important in the industry. It’s little surprise, then, that people who flock here with hopes of finding the very best that shopping is offering are never disappointed.

In the event that you arrive at Milan to search, among your first stops must certanly be its Brera neighborhood. This picturesque shopping area offers tourists the the ability to get unique treasures and items by little known – but up and coming – designers. Small boutiques along narrow streets are typical here, and it is considered by many to be one of the very pleasant areas in Milan for strolling and shopping at a leisurely pace. Boasting the highest concentration of clothes stores in all of Europe, Corso Buenos Aires is another must see district if you arrive at Milan to shop. It’s impossible to create much of a dent in the the countless boutiques here; indeed, you could spend an entire afternoon and not aspire to see even a portion of the offerings. It is a real shoppers’paradise in Milan, particularly for those searching for marathon shopping experiences.

While Milan is world renowned for its high end fashion, there are still lots of bargains to be had. Head to Binda, nearby the lake, to get incredible deals on shirts, scarves and ties. Or if you seek bargains on a number of Milan’s famed silk clothing, take a look at Frey. This outlet store is situated on the western edge of the old element of town and is teeming with clothing and accessories deals. Sprinkled throughout and around Milan are its well regarded Coin stores. These shops give you a fine choice of good quality clothing, accessories, handbags and jewelry. There are also great deals to be had on housewares on the basement level of all coin stores. In the event that you arrive at northern Italy, you simply must take a look at this Milanese institution. No shopping trip to Milan could aspire to be complete without a stop at its preeminent department store, La Rinascente. Here, shoppers will get absolutely anything imaginable as it pertains to high end fashion and clothing. Produce a day of it by enjoying among its top floor restaurants; have a snack of a gourmet meal, then head back out for more shopping!

Those searching for outdoor markets in Milan truly have their work cut out for them. That’s because Milan is bursting at the seams with great options. If you’re searching for shoes, visit the Mercato di Via S. Marco on Monday and Thursday mornings Day trips from Milan. In addition to shoe stalls, shoppers can enjoy many fine foods and a premier choice of knitwear, including a selection by Valentino. Milan’s elite regard this market to be the very best available, but its not even close to the only one. On Saturdays and Tuesdays from about 9am to 1pm, visit the huge Mercato Papiniano for amazing deals on designer duds. Those searching for antiques must visit the Mercatone dell’Antiquario on the past Sunday of the month. And to check out something a little different, try the Via Armorari on Sunday mornings to ingest its stamp, coin and postcard collectors in action.

The dates for sales pricing in Milan are set by law, and run from mid-January to mid-July. If you must have the newest fashion fresh off the runway, come here between mid-February and mid-August. There are definite bargains to be had; the main element is devoting ample time for you to your search. This is particularly true if you visit during among its fashion weeks, once the city is swarmed by having an influx of fashion industry elite. No matter once you visit, though, shopping in Milan is a truly unforgettable experience.


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