Mickey Mouse Duo Malang Game Highlights Referee Performance

Land Bolatangkas is agile online with a respected land version suit – Like being fully a classic issue of Indonesian football, the referee is obviously in the spotlight in every competition. Even in the new competition, the Indonesian Premier League (IPL) is determined to uphold professionalism, the referee continues to be the mark of complaints.

Two IPL clubs from Malang, Arema FC and Persema Malang looked down on the performance of referees educated by PT Prima Indonesia Indonesia Sportindo (LPIS). In a number of matches they claimed to possess received less objective treatment from the court. The longing for foreign referees also strengthened again.

Throughout the Indonesian Premier League (LPI) last season, the utilization of foreign referees was enough to provide a unique color in national competitions. Although still not out of error, most foreign referees from Macedonia are believed to generally meet the standards for an expert competition.

Media Officer Arema FC Noor Ramadhan confirmed that the quality of referees in IPL was still very low. Various decisions that are produced are more often burdensome to among the parties who compete. Arema himself was recently disappointed by the referee’s leadership, namely the Malang derby against Persema fourteen days ago.

“The referee must certanly be admitted the standard continues to be very low. We don’t accuse the referee of taking sides, but the decision he produces doesn’t reflect the objectivity. That is actually not in accordance with the determination of the professionalism of the bola tangkas. So it’s better to utilize foreign referees, “said Noor Ramadhan.

Although not totally all games are led by foreign referees, they could at least be likely to set an example in leadership in the field. Noor himself is optimistic that the utilization of foreign referees will give more peace to the teams that compete.

“Sometimes referee leadership raises trauma. Too many controversial decisions will give a poor stigma. Even when the referee made an individual error, it had been also considered unfair. Therefore it is not the club’s fault that judging the referee is less objective, “he continued.

In the beginning of the IPL competition, there was a plan for the new PSSI management to carry on to hire imported referees in the IPL competition. For whatever reason, the program was not implemented and all referees in the IPL were local referees, a few of whom did not have high flight hours in the top of level competition.

Exactly like Arema, the Persema Malang city team also agreed that the utilization of foreign referees would begin again. The team nicknamed the Ken Arok army also claimed that they certainly were often harmed by the referee’s leadership. Actually, a number of decisions seem not to protect players.

“We’re often victims of the referee’s leadership at the beginning of the summer season and had protested to PSSI. It would appear that all teams also have the exact same complaints about the referee. This way the club’s rely upon the referee can continue steadily to decrease and will affect the professionalism of your competition, “said Persema CEO Didied Poernawan.

Persema had protested to the referee at the Persija counter match in the beginning of the IPL season, namely when the match was held at Wilis Stadium, Madiun. There the referee was accused of giving many benefits to Persija Jakarta until Persema had to surrender with a score of 2-1.

Didied also proposed directly to PT LPIS to re-hire foreign referees to repair the negative leadership of the neighborhood referee. “We understand that there are a number of referees who lack experience. So that it will be nice to employ a foreign referee, while giving additional experience to local referees, “said Didied.

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