Rent a Boat in Mallorca: A Place You Cannot Miss

A Journey into Mallorca history

The first human settlements date from 3500 b.c. These first inhabitants were called “the Slingers”, fabled for employing their slings as weapons. They certainly were well-known warriors and excellent fighters. Quinto Cecilio Metelo, nicknamed “Balearicus”, conquered the Island in 123 and turned it into an essential bastion for the Republic of Rome. Sicilian writer and historian Diodoro Sículo described the mallocan Slingers as “the best of the world throwing big stones with slings “.Their expertise and bravery made them become famous soldiers along the Mediterranean, fighting on Julius Caesar’s side through the conquest of Galia.

In 903 Mallorca was conquered by the Ummayad dynasty, being Alaró castle the final refuge for Christians. It absolutely was a flourishing stage, where Madina Mayurqa, Palma at today, was an essential cultural center.

Aragonese troops, through the reign of the King Don Jaime I the Conqueror, conquered the Island from Arab domination in 1229. The Catalonian-Aragonese Crown brought the existing official language in the Island, Catalonian.

The Island´s growth were only available in the 70´s when Mallorca became one of the world´s sought-after tourist destinations. In 2017, more than 6 countless visitors have come to the Island.

Wonderful Places. Beautiful People

The largest mountain range is known as Tramontana Mountains, which is located in the northwest of the Island. Its highest peak may be the Puig Major, at an altitude of more than 1436 meters. Tramontana is one of the very most emblematic sites of Mallorca, with steep cliffs that are astoundingly beautiful.

The Formentor Cabe can be another very remarkable place in the Island due to its stunning beaches and cliffs that may be seen while navigating. This cape is obviously near to the Alcudia Bay and the Levante Mountains, the 2nd more important mountain range in the Island and whose natural park is one of the two protected natural areas of Mallorca.

What else?

The restaurant offer has increased significantly throughout the last 50 years and it is endless, improving the quality of services in Mallorca.

The hotelier offer in Mallorca is one of the biggest worldwide. However, it’s been boat trips Trogir rental market the fastest-growing sector.

Boat rental companies have democratized the chance of “having a boat”, rewarding tourists with the opportunity of enjoying amazing coves and beautiful beaches at an inexpensive price. All these companies is found in many Mallorcan harbours.

All you ever wanted to learn about renting a boat in Mallorca but were afraid to ask

If you want to visit a certain spot in the Island by boat, it is a good idea to choose a boat in a harbour near to the place that you intend to go, when you will spend additional money on petrol by boat than likely to the closest harbor in traditional transport, such as for instance taxi or car.

Just like whenever you rent an automobile, you’ve to produce a previous deposit right now of check-in which will be turned back at the return of the boat.

You are able to rent a boat for days, weeks as well as all day depending on the company. It is very important to create drinks with you and also some seasick pills in the event you believe you may feel seasick. You are able to ask for pills to the boat rental company. These pills take over 20 minutes to become effective. Normally explaining a boat can take up to 20 minutes, so the best moment to take the pill is simply whenever you arrive to the harbour.

There are numerous methods to navigate by boat. One of them is hiring a skipper. In this instance, you will probably have to cover an additional charge for his services. When you have a boat license you can hire a boat in the same way you rent a car. Finally, even though you do not have the license and you still want to operate a vehicle a boat, there are a few boat rental firms that rent boats without license. In most cases petrol isn’t included in the final price of the boat for an easy reason: the cost of petrol can vary based on length and form of the boat, the engine, the miles you navigate and a number of other different factors.

Which are the best spots to navigate by boat in Mallorca?

As I wrote before, it is very important to choose well the harbour in order to not navigate hours and hours before attaining the best spots. The East area resembles Menorca Island, with very beautiful coves and many natural harbours. The West area offers the Tramontana array of mountains, where you will have a way to visit amazing cliffs. If you select this last one, you will have to take extra safety precautions in the event of suddenly bad weather, because in that area you can find not many marine shelters or habours.

The South area, from Andratx to Ses Salines cape, has some amazing but crowded spots, even by boat. It is there where in actuality the offer is bigger but in addition more expensive.

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