Wonderful Visits To The Dentist In Ten Classic Sitcoms

Going to the dentist is far from an amusing experience, but somehow the best sitcoms have managed to get hilarity in attacks concerning the tooth doctor. Listed below are ten of the finest shows where a typical figure visits, or in one situation states to go to, a dentist or orthodontist.

The Master of Queens

Within an event skillfully called “Two Thirty” Doug (played by Kevin James) is having a origin canal, but what affects him a lot more is discovering that Carrie (played by after had a huge crush on the dentist.


The title figure in “The Yada Yada” event sees¬†pediatric dentist Henderson¬†adult publications in the waiting room of orthodontist Tim Watley, who in a later event attracts Elaine (played by Julie Louis Dreyfus) to the Super Bowl.

Committed With Young ones

“Enamel or Consequences” could be the title as Al (played by Ed O’Neill) activities an insufferable toothache, making him to see Marcie’s dentist.

The Flintstones

To be able to avoid a dental bill in “Nuttin’But The Enamel” John decides to get Barney’s tender tooth himself. Following declining at the job and causing Barney hanging around Bedrock, John takes him to veterinarian rather than a dentist.

New King

Guest celebrity Bill Shatner appears in that event called “Attention Enamel” concerning the inhalation of interesting fuel at the dentist.

Whole House

Middle girl Stephanie (played by Jodi Sweetin) gets her first cavity, but she is frightened to go to the dentist.


While he himself is just a physician, Charles Emerson Winchester (played by David Ogden Stiers) is fearful of having a tooth physician to ease a irritating ache in his molar.

Brady Bunch

Robert (played by Robert Reed) and Carol (played by Florence Henderson)are surprised that oldest girl Marcia (played by Maureen McCormick) enjoys going to the dentist, till they learn that she has created a break on him in a event named “Enjoy and th Older Man.”

The Office

Dwight Schrute (played by Raian Wilson) states he must keep the Dunder Mifflin office for a dentist session when in reality he’s protecting up a crime committed by Angela. Comedy ensues in “TheCoup” when Jordan (played by Charlie Carrel) attempts to find Dwight in the lie.

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